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Dick’s strolling magic with a sports theme can feature football, baseball, or golf.  The sports magic is similar to his standard strolling magic, but instead of using a plain burgundy velvet-colored board, a specific special board is used for each sport.  Dick also highlights the sport with his magic and mentalism effects.

football pad Dick with Harmon Killebrew golf pad  

For example, a celebrity at the sports event believes he is holding a normal playing card.  When he looks at it again, it has transformed into his sports trading card!

The golf magic is great for golf tournament receptions and cocktail hours at country clubs and golf clubs.

The baseball and football themes are always a hit at sky box parties before a game as well as any sports-related reception or event, including World Series and Super Bowl parties.  To read news articles on sports magic, follow the In the News link to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland Magazine, and the Orioles Gazette.