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Skeptical Dick’s strolling magic programs make the magic happen right in the spectator’s hands!  Your audience will be amazed by his masterful prestidigitation.  His programs are particularly suitable for cocktail parties, hospitality suites, receptions, and whenever groups of people gather prior to attending events.

As a corporate entertainer, Dick can adapt his magic to the occasion and the event.  He can integrate a corporate or association theme, key sales points, or new product promotion into his presentation.  He builds interest and excitement with his astonishing repertoire of magical effects.

Surprised The magic is witnessed close-up on a burgundy velvet-covered board placed on a waiter’s stand that Dick carries with him as he entertains his way through the crowd.  The table sets up in a split second and provides a focal point for the magic as people gather around.

The strolling magic program includes some mentalism effects as well as magic.  Following are examples of magic and mentalism effects experienced during the strolling magic program:


- Two spectators randomly turn the dials of two watches while the faces are turned down.  When the watches are turned face up, the times match (and of course, are a different time than the verified start time).

- A spectator selects a number.  Another spectator selects a card.  The selected card is found at the announced number in a shuffled deck dealt by a third spectator.

- A one-dollar bill clearly placed in a spectator’s hand magically changes into a five-dollar bill.

Photos by Paul O'Connell