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Spectator shows surprise at the climax of the telephone book effect.

Photos by Dave Rehor

Dick’s mentalism show is 45 minutes of humor, amazing effects, and lots of audience participation.  Audiences are fascinated by Dick’s mind-reading ability and sophisticated presentation.  His show is particularly well-suited for after-dinner entertainment at banquets and also for adding excitement and enthusiasm to all-day conferences.

Because Dick makes no claims or disclaimers, opinions abound about whether the sixth sense is real or the effects are accomplished through trickery, non-verbal communication, or psychological ploys.  However, this much is certain.  Everyone, no matter what their beliefs, will thoroughly enjoy this unique show and will remember it for a long time.

If you are a meeting planner or the person in charge of your corporate event, you will definitely receive compliments on your choice of entertainment once your group experiences Dick’s show.  Here are some of the effects you can expect:

- Several people in the audience will write down numbers that are added up by another audience member.  That sum is then written on a flip chart in front of the group.  Another audience member randomly selects a phone number from the local phone book and it matches the number generated by the audience.  (see photos above)

  - A person opens up a book to any page, picks any word without saying anything or writing it down.  Dick accurately reveals that word out of thousands of words.

  - A 60’s music trivia quiz involving several audience members with a mind-reading finish.

  - While Dick is 50 feet away, a page is torn out of a magazine by a spectator who proceeds to tear the page into tiny pieces.  One piece is selected, a word is silently chosen from the scrap of paper, and Dick accurately announces the word.

  - A hilarious "lie detector helmet" is worn on stage by a member of the audience.  Every time that person tells a fib, lights flash mysteriously and a buzzer sounds on the helmet.