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Dick’s speaker impersonation presentation is great for sales meetings.  Dick is introduced as a motivational speaker or a corporate VP who will unveil a revolutionary new program of strategic thinking that will teach the attendees how to enhance their sixth sense and read the thoughts of their potential customers.

The idea, of course, is to spice up a sales meeting with terrific entertainment that comes as a total surprise to the audience.  Dick demonstrates the abilities that the sales force will have a chance to learn, supposedly by attending a strategic thinking training session at a later date.  Actually, the initial demonstrations are quite believable and relate directly to the concerns of salespeople.  However, the demonstrations progress in order of difficulty until the audience members slowly realize that they’ve been fooled.

Enhancing the overall effect is Dick’s research about the particular company.  By studying the mission, goals, objectives, organization charts, and buzzwords of a corporation, Dick is easily accepted as the executive he seems to be.

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